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deepeei film productions is an award winning, internationally orientated film production company based in Amsterdam. We have a broad experience in making both documentary films and corporate films, while keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum.

We believe in visualising the beautiful things in life to effect positive change in the daily lives of many. deepeei film productions lays its focus on the unique story behind the human being, his unique experiences and his spectacular or day-to-day environment. This gives us the optimum ability to transcribe each idea, in a versatile manner, to a visual image.

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Our services

Many have taken advantage of our experience in storytelling, camera and editing work - using our eyes and expertise for recording inspiring adventures in life. Our company offers many services ranging from a small shoot that requires a crew for a day, to the production of documentaries that require in-depth preparation and planning. >> See what we can do for you.

Sustainability is the core of our company. It is what defines us. This is not only reflected in our productions but also in our way of producing films. >> More about our Green policy.

Office-banner-250-100 We believe in the concept co-creation, we therefore invite creative and likeminded entrepreneurs to work in our office and on our projects. Have a look at our light and inspiring office. >> More about the availability of our studio and desks.